zondag 16 februari 2014

New Cookbooks

My lovely collection of cookbooks consists at the moment about 50 books. Some say my obsession is beginning to be a little bit crazy, because I just keep on going with buying new ones. In my opinion, you can't have something like "too much" cookbooks. Each book has taught me new things, recipes and techniques. Or it gave a lot of inspiration to create my own recipes.
These six (or nine, the yellow box contains 4 smaller books) are new in my collection. I have bought all of these in different places and shops for the last two months.

zaterdag 25 januari 2014

30 Days of SFL: update VI

Another update from my new sugar free lifestyle. It's been so hard. I really expected that after the first week everything would be become a little bit easier, because I would got used to this kind of living. But no.. I still find it hard not to drink wine, don't eat bread anymore or a small cookie after a long day of school.
Luckily there are a lot of recipes and ideas that are delicious and sugarfree. So today I'm sharing my short list of meals wich also could be perfect in a diet.

  • Low-carb Salmon with carrot chips
  • banana pancakes, one of the biggest hipes from the world of blogging. The first time I've eaten them I disliked it. But after some small changes like adding cinnamon or cacao-powder and chopped blueberries they are now one of my favorite breakfasts ever!
  • Salad made out of brown beans, grilled sugarsnaps and feta-cheese. The important thing here is to season the salad with only soy-sauce. The salty from the soy-sauce is perfectly combined with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Raspberry ice-cream. I know, this sounds a little bit weird. Eating ice-cream is this lifestyle isn't the best thing to do. But this one has a little trick. It works only with greek yoghurt and frozen raspberries. The only thing to do is put those two ingredients in a blender, while the berries are still frozen. If you mix this together, the yoghurt will also be a little bit frozen and will taste exactly like ice-cream
  • Another healthy breakfast idea is oatmeal. Almost everything with oatmeal is so delicious and keeps you from getting hungry during the whole day. Try oatmeal, with yoghurt, bananaslices, goijberries and flaxseeds. Or overnight-oats, wich are also extremely tasty.

So, I hope I gave you some inspiration with these healthy ideas. If you have your own ideas or recipes, I would love to hear them from you !

dinsdag 21 januari 2014

30 Days of SFL living: update V

I've decided three days ago to skip updat IV. This is al just for one reason, there hasn't changed anything since the last update. This one is also going to be a small one.
I'm still eating a lot of veggies and mostly without meat. One small change is that I'm also eating way more fish. Simple dishes like grilled salmon with some vegetables are my favorite ones.
My finals are coming up, so the challenge will be from now twice as hard. I'm that type of person who can eat a lot of unhealthy things in times with stress. Well, maybe this lifestyle is going to show me some alternatives for those craving moments. That would be really great.
The last thing I wanted to tell is something really positive. As I said in the announcement from this lifestyle, I really thought the biggest difficulty was going to be with eating at restaurants. My friends and I have a small list of our favorite restaurants and I've discovered that all of them serve also really healthy things! I was really relieved when I've realized this. Every time we're going to eat out I can choose between dishes like dressing free salads (only with olive oil or balsamico), quinoa and grilled vegetables and fish. Amazing!
I'm sorry for this small update, I promise the next update will be a lot more extensive.

woensdag 15 januari 2014

30 days of SFL living: update III + recipe

It has been already longer than a week that I've started this diet. I've made (again) some small mistakes, but I think that's a part of every new diet. It takes some time to get used to the fact that I can't eat sugar anymore.
Thinking of what some people who've tried this already said: "you'll have a lot more energy", the only thing that I could say is that's the truth. I've been experiencing a lot more energy and a fit feeling than usually. The food cravings are almost completely over and throughout the day I don't have any sleepy moments, wich makes me drink less coffee and have whiter theeth!
I've also discovered another big plus from this lifestyle: I eat a lot fewer meat than before. I not quite sure what the reason of this is, but I like it !
Replacing all the meat with vegetables is one of the best choices I've made in this diet. I don't see vegetables just as a side dish anymore. They are now serving like the main ingredient of many meals. The endless possibilities make it possible that not even one dish would be boring or the same.
This is one of my favorite recipes for grilled veggies lately, completely sugar free of course!

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

30 Days of SFL: update II + Facebook!

Finally The Sketched Chef has its own Facebook page ! You can go the that page by clicking on the button on the right side. It would be really sweet of you <3
But now back to my 30 days of sugar free living. This is already the second update and I'm still enjoying the diet... a little bit.
Every day I realize how hard it can be to find the appropriate ingredients. Even milk contains sugar !
Breakfast and lunch aren'te a big problem anymore, because I have a lot of inspiration (and energy) to search in the whole kitchen and make a proper meal. For example, I eat a lot of veggies and eggs. One of my favorite meals to eat in this diet is 2 soft boiled eggs with some raw vegetables and a teaspoon of cremé fraiche to dip in. I think the dinner is the most difficult dish. Most of the time i'm really tired from work or school and that's the time where I often grab something unhealthy. Yesterday I've eaten an croissant, ai...
Another big plus to this eatin habit is that I'm currently using way less salt then before. I think it has something to do with the idea of living as healthy as possible. In stead of salt I'm using dried herbs.
The last thing I want to write something about is my skin. I think there are some small changes here. My skin is normally far from perfect. The most impurities are around my T-zone, but after almost a week of suger free living the most of the impurities are all gone! I'm using the same skincare for about a year now, so that can't be the reason of it.
Right now, I'm really happy that this diet starts giving me some wonderful results.

donderdag 9 januari 2014

30 Days of SFL: update I

This is going to be even harder than I thought. On the first day everthing went perfect, but some days after I've had some hard decisions to make. It really felt like there was a small devil on my left shoulder and an small angel on my right one. I really hope these kind of things will change and that I can get used to the fact that I can only eat sugar-free and healthy things.
The second day, seventh of January, everything went quite good. I've had a normal schoolday, so I could eat healthy the whole day. I also discovered a combination from heaven: avocado, pomegrenate and créme-fraiche. It sounds a little bit odd, but the taste is absolutely amazing. I will remember this combo so the next time I could make a whole dish or salad with it.
Then the third day, eight of January.. I've had a really long schoolday, after that there were a lot of things to do in school and in the evening there was a big party. At the restaurant I've made a good decision: a large salad without dressing, only some olive oil and pepper and in stead of wine or cola I ordered a mineral water. I felt a little bit of pride, because I would normally order something like a beef with fries.
At the party I've made the first mistake from this diet: I drank a glass of wine. Well, the only thing to do now is hoping I'm not going to make that mistake again.

My feelings so far:
It's a really hard and strict diet, and I'm still not getting used to it. On the other side, I absolutely love the fact that it makes me really creative everytime I'm hungry and want to eat something. I'm still learning how to read labels properly. Sometimes they'll tell you that their product is sugar free, but in stead of sugar they've added something that looks like sugar, which is just as bad as the real one.
I still can't tell anything about the weight-loss or my skin and hair. I think it's to early to decide that. Maybe after the third update I will see some small changens.

zondag 5 januari 2014

30 Days of Sugar Free Living

After all the overeating while the holidays, I've had to face a horrible fact. It's a quite predictable fact, but I just didn't want to think about it. Here it comes: I have gained 5 kg in the last two weeks...
It all went so quickly and it sure isn't healthy to gain so much in such a little time.
There had to be a change. Not some kind of extreme crash diet, that makes you loose 5 kg and after that gain 8 kg. No, I want something health. Some kind of diet or routine that forces you to go in the kitchen and cook something new and refreshing. And of course, something that makes me feel fit and happy on the inside and makes my skin and hair look better on the outside. 
So, after a small brainstorm and research I came to a diet wich makes you eat sugarfree for the next 30 days! Thirty days is a quite long time, but why not ?